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RE: How to move a repository from linux to windows?

From: Kelly F. Hickel
Subject: RE: How to move a repository from linux to windows?
Date: Wed, 3 May 2006 10:04:33 -0500

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> From: Todd Denniston [mailto:address@hidden
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> Subject: Re: How to move a repository from linux to windows?
> Kelly F. Hickel wrote:


> >
> >
> >  [Kelly F. Hickel] AUGUGUGUGHGGHHGGUGHG! So, you're suggesting that
> > perhaps the windows binary can only operate in client mode?  I never
> > even though of that, I just *assumed* that it could access a local
> > repository.....  <sigh>
> >
> > So, here I sit, waiting for someone who knows for sure.....
> >
> If someone in the know does not respond soon I would suggest trying:
> [you need to figure out what the windows notation is for C:\play]
> mkdir C:\play
> cvs -d C:\play init
> and if you get things created in C:\play\CVSROOT then it works.

[Kelly F. Hickel] That did work, and FYI the files are in unix style
line endings, not dos style.  Which brings me back to not knowing why
the repository that I copied down from my linux box won't work with my
windows cvs.exe.

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Kelly F. Hickel
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