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concept of web development with cvs

From: Gene Ballard
Subject: concept of web development with cvs
Date: Mon, 8 Dec 2003 23:38:50 -0600


I've read through the cvs documentation but I need help
understanding the best way to approach my web project.

Current Settings
1. Project - php/mysql shopping system currently running on a
Linux test server.
2. CVS is loaded on the Linux webserver that runs the php
3. I have created a Repository on the Linux server in
4. I have cygwin running CVS on my Win
2k PC. (friend said this was more stable than the windows gui
for cvs)

Please forgive my ignorance, this is the first time working
with CVS.

I'm trying to understand how to setup cvs for my web project
so when we update a file, we can instantly  test it through
the web browser. Do we move the website files into the
/usr/local/cvsroot dir and point apache to these files? Or
what's the best way to approach web development with cvs?

Also, when I "Checkout" a file from the cygwin command line on
my Windows PC, I assume I will navigate to the file using my
favorite editor, save my edits then push the file back to the
server? I've been trying to connect to cvs on the webserver
but it says, "No such file or directory".

Any suggestions or clues to specific documentation is greatly



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