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RE: How to manage oracle custom.pll libraries

From: Andy Jones
Subject: RE: How to manage oracle custom.pll libraries
Date: Tue, 09 Dec 2003 08:57:17 +0000

Can you explain what you mean by enhancements A, B, and C?  If all of these
new features:  A, B, and C are fairly independent but all modify the same
files, then one approach would be to put each feature on its own branch.

But if you can make sure that the development for A, B and C does not happen at the same time, and know what order you need to develop them in, you don't *need* branches, do you?

Of course you might decide to have branches anyway, because that would allow you to fix bugs on A and develop on B at the same time.

*  Keep your branches short -- the longer the branch the further away you
are from the main branch, which means merging becomes more difficult.
*  Create a tag each time you do a merge.  This could be a life saver if you
have to make a second merge from a branch.
*  Always merge changes back into the main branch, not the other way around.
(This is real problem with the separate DEV, TEST, and PROD branches idea.
You want to maintain as few of branches as possible).

I agree wholeheartedly. I would add:

* Before you create a branch, think very carefully.
    - Know exactly what the branch is for;
    - Know who's job it will be to merge it back;
    - Know when it will be merged back;
- Allocate time for the merging process (including a system test of the merged code!).

In short, don't branch unless you are absolutely certain that you have to branch, and that you are ready for the consequences.

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