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Getting commitinfo changes back to client

From: Dickson, Craig
Subject: Getting commitinfo changes back to client
Date: Mon, 8 Dec 2003 20:48:53 -0500

I use a script called from my commitinfo file to format all Java files before they get comitted to the repository. This works fine, all Java files in the repository are formatted nicely.
However, if a client commits a file that does not conform to the formatting standard, and the pre-commit formatter changes the file before the actually commit, the client is unaware (apart from messages in the console). Effectively it means my CVS client says I have revision 1.5 of a file and the latest in CVS is also 1.5, but the files are actually different. If I do an update, nothing happens as the files according to the meta-information (dates etc.) are the same.
Is there a way to get these files "echoed" back to the client if they are changed so the client is synchronized properly with the repository?
I have a feeling this used to be how it worked, but I haven't had this setup for a while.

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