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Re: Please help..

From: David Wood
Subject: Re: Please help..
Date: Wed, 26 Nov 2003 11:57:28 -0500

Two things. 

First, did you work for 18 months on something without making backups? 

If you never made backups, then whether it was a mistake setting up CVS, 
some other kind of mistake, hardware failure, fire, or theft, you were 
destined to lose your work. I hope, however you resolve this issue, that 
you will always make nightly backups in the future. If you are ahead of 
me, and you have backups after all, then you can always use them to undo 
whatever you've done. I'm guessing, but at this point it may be easiest.

Second, to get help you will need to be much more specific about exactly 
what you did when you "figured out how to make a repository from your 
original source files." How did you set everything up (CVSROOT, etc)? What 
commands did you run? It sounds like you have some confusion about 
repositories versus working directories and the import process. Did you 
read the CVS manual before you started? I fear from your description 
you've gone pretty far down the wrong way. 

address@hidden wrote on 11/26/2003 
11:32:10 AM:

> Hi All,
> I am seriously new to CVS.
> I have a large project that has been developed by my self for the past 
> months but is about to be taken on by a few other people so I though CVS 

> would be a good way of working.
> I seem to have turned all of my original source files within the 
directory to 
> have a .v extention and a lot of stuff has been added to these files.
> Please tell me their is an easy way to get my files back!
> I seem to have figurered out now how to make a repository from my 
> source files but they all have a double .v (.v.v) file extention now!!! 
> Thanks in advance!!
> Cheers
> John
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