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Please help..

From: John Wards
Subject: Please help..
Date: Wed, 26 Nov 2003 16:32:10 +0000
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Hi All,

I am seriously new to CVS.

I have a large project that has been developed by my self for the past 18 
months but is about to be taken on by a few other people so I though CVS 
would be a good way of working.

I seem to have turned all of my original source files within the directory to 
have a .v extention and a lot of stuff has been added to these files.

Please tell me their is an easy way to get my files back!

I seem to have figurered out now how to make a repository from my original 
source files but they all have a double .v (.v.v) file extention now!!! Doh.

Thanks in advance!!

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