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Re: Please help..

From: David Wood
Subject: Re: Please help..
Date: Wed, 26 Nov 2003 12:39:18 -0500

You need to spend some time with the manual, and/or the various tutorials 
on the subject. As you are discovering, if you're not understanding the 
manual, forging ahead anyway may not be the best decision.

A repository is a database (that holds its data in RCS files - ending in 
.v). You create a repository in an _empty_ directory, somewhere separate 
(with cvs init), and then you import sources into it from wherever you 
have them (with cvs import). 

Then you do a cvs checkout to create a new CVS working directory from the 
repository - and that is where you then do your work. (Often people will 
move or zip the original directory they imported from, and then move their 
CVS working directory into its place.)

You've created a repository right on top of where you are working, which 
is bad. I confess at this point I'm not sure what you've got in those 
files (perhaps someone wiser than myself can offer a shortcut?), but my 
best guess is that it will be easier to recover from backups than to 
reconstruct your sources from what's left of them now (.v.v files).

At any rate, since you have backups, there is no reason to panic. In the 
future, just put your repository somewhere separate (/home/cvs/repository 
?). And of course, have another go at the manual (or some of the other 
reading materials) to get a better handle on how the system works.

John Wards <address@hidden> wrote on 11/26/2003 12:25:42 PM:

> On Wednesday 26 November 2003 4:57 pm, David Wood wrote:
> > First, did you work for 18 months on something without making backups?
> Yes yes of course, but they are not with me currently and I am in a bit 
of a 
> panic!
> > Second, to get help you will need to be much more specific about 
> > what you did when you "figured out how to make a repository from your
> > original source files." How did you set everything up (CVSROOT, etc)? 
> > commands did you run? It sounds like you have some confusion about
> > repositories versus working directories and the import process. Did 
> > read the CVS manual before you started? I fear from your description
> > you've gone pretty far down the wrong way.
> Yes I read the manual and I should have probably been a bit more 
detailed but 
> I thought ah someone wil know an easy undo comand.....seems not then :-(
> I got a bit confused with all the CVSROOT stuff etc.
> My source files are in /home/johnwards/www/sportnetwork
> I thought I should have done this:
> CVSROOT=/home/johnwards/www
> export CVSROOT
> cvs init
> Then:
> cvs import -m "SportNetwork first import" -d sportnetwork sportnetwork 
> This was wrong :-( I think. As its changed all my files.......
> I am really confused by the manual.......all I want to do is set up CVS 
> my source on earth do you do it as I am really 
> John

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