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Re: current directory (...) contains an invalid character (+,>;=\t\n)

From: Rolf Krahl
Subject: Re: current directory (...) contains an invalid character (+,>;=\t\n)
Date: 10 Mar 2002 11:21:45 GMT

address@hidden (Larry Jones) writes:
> Rolf Krahl writes:
>> You mean CVS/fileattr in the repository?
> Yes.

Hmm, if i'm guessing right that the _editors entry if present always
contains the three subfields date, host, and cwd, then i think one
could drop the limitation at least for the '+' character in the cwd (i
think its the one that will most likely appear in actual file names)
and still parse this file correctly.  Maybe i'll have a look in the
CVS sources if i find some spare hours to spent.  Do you think this
was worth the effort to try and code a fix?  (E.g. do you think such a
patch would have a chance to be accepted?)

>> With the difference that before, it might have caused some single
>> command to fail, while now, it seems that i cannot use CVS at all for
>> this project anymore.  (No, i don't have the option to change this
>> directory name.)
> You just can't use the edit command -- all the other commands work fine.

Yes, you're right.  I was already starting to notify that more things
are still working then i was fearing in the first panic attack.

> And it's only the name of your working directory that matters, not the
> name of the repository directory,

Thanks for the tip.  Indeed i just checked out thats the current
working directory while invoking the edit command that counts, not the
work directory where the file in question resides.  This means that i
still cannot do the edit command from emacs, that i'm using as my CVS
front end, but i can do it manually from the shell.  This provides at
least a work-around.

> so why can't you change it?

It's a sub directory in the source tree of the project.  Just to
illustrate the situation a little bit, here is the (important part of
the) source directory tree of this program:

| src/2+3d
| src/2-3d
| src/2.5d
| src/2d
| src/3d

It's a PDE solver that comes in three flavors: 2 dimensions, 3
dimensions and 2.5 dimensions (e.g. 3D with rotation symmetry, so one
can apply some rescaling and boundary magic to calculate it in 2D).
The dimension-independent modules reside in src/2-3d, the modules
common to 2D and 3D resides in src/2+3d.  The dimension specific stuff
is in src/2d, src/2.5d, and src/3d for 2D, 2.5D, and 3D respectively.
As i mentioned, it's third party source code, so this directory
structure is not my invention.

Of corse, as i have the program sources, i could change this directory
name, but this would mean to loose the CVS-history of all the files in
it and getting out of sync with the original sources and thus spoiling
the whole purpose of using CVS on this project at all.  So i prefer to
keep these directory structure.

                   Rolf Krahl <address@hidden>

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