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current directory (...) contains an invalid character (+,>;=\t\n)

From: Rolf Krahl
Subject: current directory (...) contains an invalid character (+,>;=\t\n)
Date: Tue, 5 Mar 2002 17:38:31 +0100 (MET)

We recently upgraded from CVS 1.10.7 to 1.11.1p1 and now i get a
problem with one of my existing projects.  When i want to edit some
file, i get en error from the cvs edit command (lines manually

| $ cvs edit assemble.c
| cvs [edit aborted]: current directory \
|       (/home/rolf/progs/navier-albert/src/2+3d) contains an \
|       invalid character (+,>;=\t\n)

The directory indeed contains a '+' character.  With the old CVS, this
didn't caused any trouble.

Now, my questions are:

* Did this behavior changed with the new CVS version or can this be
  changed while configuring CVS?  I didn't found anything related to
  file names in the NEWS file of CVS.

* Is there any reason to exclude the '+' character from the file

* This new behavior of CVS is rather annoying, because when you are
  working on third party sources, you don't always have the choice on
  the directory names.  So is there a way to modify CVS's behavior so
  that it allows '+' in directory names again or is there a chance
  that this behavior will change back in future versions?

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