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Re: current directory (...) contains an invalid character (+,>;=\t\n)

From: Rolf Krahl
Subject: Re: current directory (...) contains an invalid character (+,>;=\t\n)
Date: 5 Mar 2002 22:05:50 GMT

address@hidden (Larry Jones) writes:
> Rolf Krahl writes:
>> The directory indeed contains a '+' character.  With the old CVS, this
>> didn't caused any trouble.
> It didn't cause any trouble that you noticed.  The file that CVS uses to
> keep track of editing information uses those characters as delimiters,
> so having them in a directory name confuses CVS and makes various edit
> functions not work right, frequently with very obscure error messages. 

You mean CVS/fileattr in the repository?

I see (lines manually broken again for better legibility):

| Fassemble.c     _watched=;\
|       _editors=rolf>Tue Mar  5 15:04:22 2002 GMT+helios+\
|       /home/rolf/progs/navier-albert/src/2+3d;\
|       _watchers=rolf>tedit+tunedit+tcommit

The file format looks a little bit screwed indeed.  :)

> The only change was to provide a clear error message right aways rather
> than planting a time bomb to blow up later.

With the difference that before, it might have caused some single
command to fail, while now, it seems that i cannot use CVS at all for
this project anymore.  (No, i don't have the option to change this
directory name.)

                   Rolf Krahl <address@hidden>

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