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Re: About CVS edit-c.diff...

From: Tuomo Tikkanen
Subject: Re: About CVS edit-c.diff...
Date: Fri, 25 May 2001 23:27:08 +0300

In your letter 25. May 2001 you wrote:
> Before the patches will be considered for the main release, they need
> updates to 
> the tests and docs.  I haven't had the time to do this and I've been
> asking for 
> volunteers to do this work.

Ah, this is quite good principle they have.

> I've posted on SourceForge/RCVS updates to the patches.  The updates mostly
> cleans up what I had there before -- grouping related things into one patch
> file.  The new ones are against cvs-1.11.

Unfortunately I was unable to find these patches from
SourceForge/RCVS. The only hit to your name was and there is no links to
anywhere. Neither I could not find your patches using keywords
"edit-c.diff" or "CVS patch". Could you please specify from where there
I find your patches.

> What I've done to get "around" this firewall issue is to create my own CVS
> repository.  My patches are checked into branches.  In theory, I
> should be able 
> to import a new version of CVS and remerge my patches.

Hmm... good idea. I could do this. Or then I use Linux box at home and
connect to my ISP (using 56k modem --- it's only money to phone company
that buys Nokia network elements and thus comes back to me in my salary
later ;-) and do checkout of CVS develompment tree to home machine.

> If you start with what's available on SourceForge, I think the
> going'll be much  easier.

Please point me to source of the source on SourceForge and I'll start
with it.

> Also, if you want to submit patches for the tests and docs, it would help out
> everyone (even the ones not using the patches will at least gain from the
> decreased list traffic about this topic).

OK. I try get familiar with CVS sources at home during weekend and let's 
see if I can do this. I don't promise yet anything, but you have got
"maybe volunteer" here.

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