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Re: About CVS edit-c.diff...

From: Noel L Yap
Subject: Re: About CVS edit-c.diff...
Date: Fri, 25 May 2001 14:21:11 -0400

>We have at NRC one group that needs to lock certain files (binary ones)
>RCS way although they are using CVS as version control system. For this
>reason I have applied (as they requested) to our CVS 1.10.8 version your
>edit-c.diff patch to enable edit -c (and -f) option. I'd like to upgrade
>our CVS to version 1.11.1p1 but as I checked it out your patch has not
>found its way to official CVS source tree. Have you tried to offer it to
>them at all or are there any other reasons why it is not applied to
>CVS's source tree?

Before the patches will be considered for the main release, they need updates to
the tests and docs.  I haven't had the time to do this and I've been asking for
volunteers to do this work.

I've posted on SourceForge/RCVS updates to the patches.  The updates mostly
cleans up what I had there before -- grouping related things into one patch
file.  The new ones are against cvs-1.11.

>Anyhow I started to write this letter as I'd like to have the same
>edit-c patch for 1.11.1p1 version of CVS to please the group that needs
>it. Basically I could do it by myself, but because of Nokia firewalls I
>can not check out any CVS repositories outside Nokia-land and thus I am
>not able to use CVS's CVS tree to apply your patch first to 1.10.8
>version and then merging it to later version. I am also lazy person (;-)
>so I'd wouldn't like to start line by line checking from edit-c.diff
>what have changed and make the same changes by hand to 1.11.1pl1

What I've done to get "around" this firewall issue is to create my own CVS
repository.  My patches are checked into branches.  In theory, I should be able
to import a new version of CVS and remerge my patches.

>Thus I am in hope that you already have done this and you can provide
>patch for 1.11.1pl1 too. If you don't have it then there is no need to
>do it for me unless you __really__ want to. I can do patching in hard
>way by myself too.

If you start with what's available on SourceForge, I think the going'll be much

Also, if you want to submit patches for the tests and docs, it would help out
everyone (even the ones not using the patches will at least gain from the
decreased list traffic about this topic).


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