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Re: About CVS edit-c.diff...

From: Noel L Yap
Subject: Re: About CVS edit-c.diff...
Date: Fri, 25 May 2001 17:24:48 -0400

>In your letter 25. May 2001 you wrote:
>> Before the patches will be considered for the main release, they need
>> updates to
>> the tests and docs.  I haven't had the time to do this and I've been
>> asking for
>> volunteers to do this work.
>Ah, this is quite good principle they have.

Yes, I agree.

>> I've posted on SourceForge/RCVS updates to the patches.  The updates mostly
>> cleans up what I had there before -- grouping related things into one patch
>> file.  The new ones are against cvs-1.11.
>Unfortunately I was unable to find these patches from
>SourceForge/RCVS. The only hit to your name was
> and there is no links to
>anywhere. Neither I could not find your patches using keywords
>"edit-c.diff" or "CVS patch". Could you please specify from where there
>I find your patches.

I guess my shorthand was too short.  Look for the RCVS project at

>Please point me to source of the source on SourceForge and I'll start
>with it.

>> Also, if you want to submit patches for the tests and docs, it would help out
>> everyone (even the ones not using the patches will at least gain from the
>> decreased list traffic about this topic).
>OK. I try get familiar with CVS sources at home during weekend and let's
>see if I can do this. I don't promise yet anything, but you have got
>"maybe volunteer" here.

It's more the and the doc format you have to get familiar with.  It'd
be great if you could lend a hand.  Please let me know if you're able to and
I'll let you know what test cases are needed.


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