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Re: Crazy idea - replace RCS backend with ClearCase...!!!

From: Julian Gosnell
Subject: Re: Crazy idea - replace RCS backend with ClearCase...!!!
Date: Wed, 23 May 2001 14:16:33 +0100 (BST)

--- Noel L Yap <address@hidden> wrote: >
Forgive me if I still think you're crazy.
> I see two ways to attack this:
> 1.  Get permission from your company to use CVS for
> such projects.

They've spent millions on Clearcase. They are NOT
going to accept that CVS can do the job - period.

> 2.  If you're keeping a separate repository at your
> site with no outside access,
> why not just use ClearCase?  Whether or not you're
> using CVS, you'll still be
> faced with the merging issue.

We are not and will not keep a seperate repository.

This is exactly what the whole thread is aimed at

Think of CVS as split into a frontend which does all
the user interaction and manages concurrency and trees
of files, and a backend which just knows how to store
a versioned file in a repository.

All I'm asking is:

Does CVS really care how this backend is implemented?

Could I store the files in a different format e.g.
compressed, encrypted, both?

or could I use a file system that had built in
versioning, instead of having to have RCS cobble up
that abstraction for me?

or could I use Clearcase (a versioning file system).

Because If I could, then I can have people and tools
using CVS and Clearcase working on the same repository
without needing to know any of the details.

Then I would not have to worry about keeping two
repositories in sync.

Does that explain it better ?


> Noel
> OK - I'm mad, now here me out....
> Imagine you work for a large company.
> They decide on a 'strategic' SCM - Clearcase - in
> which every project
> must live.
> They then task you with looking at OpenSource
> development methodologies
> and tools.
> Unsurprisingly, all of these use CVS - because it
> does the job and is
> free - in all senses of the word.
> I can look at forking each OpenSource project that I
> might like to
> deploy within my company (e.g. SourceForge,
> Tinderbox, Bonsai etc.),
> producing a Clearcase backend, and maybe merging
> (licences and project
> owners permitting) back my code, in the hope that it
> will continue to be
> maintained and I won't be left out on a branch, or I
> can consider
> something wierd :
> Tools using CVS for their SCM, ulimately as I
> understand it (I'm open to
> correction here), end up calling RCS. RCS has a nice
> small, closed set
> of functionality. I would be surprised if Clearcase
> could not replicate
> all of this... - So
> What is to stop me writing several wrapper scripts
> (e.g. ci, co, rcs
> etc...) which actually call clearcase to do the
> file-based version
> control ? This would be one piece of well defined
> work. Most well
> written CVS backends would continue to work
> oblivious to the fact that
> the implementation of the file versioning had
> changed. I would be happy
> since I could painlessly deploy OpenSource tools and
> work through CVS
> with them and my company would be happy because they
> would have all
> their source stuck into a repository which has cost
> them a small
> fortune.
> I guess what I'm asking is, "Is the interface
> between CVS and a project
> in it's Repository completely described by RCS", or
> does CVS do things
> like go under the covers and parse the contents of
> RCS files ?
> What would the gotchas be ?
> Do you still think I'm crazy ?
> BTW - I work on two OpenSource projects using CVS in
> my own time, and
> try to advocate use of and contributing to
> OpenSource and FreeSoftware
> in my company, so if you fancy flaming me for
> wanting to rip-off
> everyone's hard work and put it to my own
> capitalistic ends, please
> think again.
> Thanks for your time,
> Jules
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