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...::: INETD x XINETD ?? Cvs server problem :::...

From: Pedro Henrique Ponchio
Subject: ...::: INETD x XINETD ?? Cvs server problem :::...
Date: Wed, 23 May 2001 10:59:36 -0300


I have a question about inetd ... my Red Hat system doesn´t have it, it
have xinetd instead ... is there anyone that could help me to configure
it to allows other servers to connect to my system? I´m working on it
several days, trying to establish a connection using the pserver method
from my Linux machines and even Windows (with WinCVS) without any
success. I only could run it with the method "ext", and rsh stuff ... I
already have the ssh implemented in all servers (except windows), so,
please, any ideas, or maybe some links with documentation about how to
REALLY setup an CVS server on Linux? I need to share some code with guys
on our another office, we are going to set up an VPN environment between

Thks very much (hope that my english was understandable   ...)

Pedro Henrique
Sao Paulo - Brazil

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