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RE: Crazy idea - replace RCS backend with ClearCase...!!!

From: Harkins, Jim
Subject: RE: Crazy idea - replace RCS backend with ClearCase...!!!
Date: Wed, 23 May 2001 07:45:17 -0700

I got to be pretty good at Clearcase and miss the hell out of it.  I loved
CVS, but CC is a much better system.  The drawbacks to CC are:

1)  Huge learning curve.  But well worth it.
2)  Expensive.  But if you've already got it, use it.
3)  Takes lots of disk space.  Sounds like you've already taken care of
4)  Very CPU/Network intensive, especially Clearmake.  It took a lot of
money and a couple of dual-CPU Suns to make it acceptable, but it was
nowhere near as fast as regular make.

IMHO, you should maintain your projects under CC as you've already got it.
To keep your CVS repository up-to-date just treat the sources as vendor code
and import it into the repository once in a while.  If non-CC folks are
updating your repository as well then it's a simple matter to let CC merge
those changes into your VOB.

In the beginning we did try to make CC look more like CVS/RCS, but once we
got good with CC we realized how silly an idea that was.


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