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Re: Using cvs for websites:

From: Maarten de Boer
Subject: Re: Using cvs for websites:
Date: Wed, 23 May 2001 11:02:01 +0200

> I imported the document root of the website.  
> Then removed that copy and checked out a fresh copy from the repository like
> I usually do.  
> I then checked out a copy of the site to my home location.   When I do a
> 'cvs commit' at home I have to do a 'cvs update' in the document root to get
> the changes merged across.  This isn't too much trouble (It would be nice to
> get rid of the two step process if anyone has done this type of setup).

I have a very simple perl script "cvsview" that I use as a webserver to access
webpages stored in CVS. This script is in /usr/bin/cvsview and made executable.
Note that this has been a quick hack, but it works fine for me. It doesn't do
CGI's though, but it does use /etc/mimetypes.

I attach the script. In order to use it, you'll have to do the following:

Create  a user cvsview. The script is executed through inetd, with this user:

>From /etc/inetd.conf:
cvsview stream  tcp     nowait  cvsview /usr/sbin/tcpd  /usr/bin/cvsview

>From /etc/services:
cvsview         XXXX/tcp                        # cvsview

where XXXX is the port you want to use. You can perfectly use 80, but
make sure you don't have another webserver running on that port already.
I have both apache and cvsview running at the same time, so I use a
different port.

The users homedir /home/cvsview is were the working copies are stored.
It has the following permissions:
drwxr-s---    6 cvsview  cvsview      4096 Mar  7 17:33 /home/cvsview/

I can control which CVS directories can be accessed by the user cvsview
with standard permissions.

> But my major question is. How can I update my document root now without
> having 'CVS' directories everywhere.  Can I centralize the location of all
> the CVS database information?

Why do the CVS directories bother you?


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