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Using cvs for websites:

From: Todd Mortensen
Subject: Using cvs for websites:
Date: Tue, 22 May 2001 09:46:38 -0700

I have used cvs in the past to manage small projects,  This is the first
time I have used it to manage a php website.  

The setup I did is as follows.
I imported the document root of the website.  
Then removed that copy and checked out a fresh copy from the repository like
I usually do.  
I then checked out a copy of the site to my home location.   When I do a
'cvs commit' at home I have to do a 'cvs update' in the document root to get
the changes merged across.  This isn't too much trouble (It would be nice to
get rid of the two step process if anyone has done this type of setup).

But my major question is. How can I update my document root now without
having 'CVS' directories everywhere.  Can I centralize the location of all
the CVS database information?

Any other gotchas people have seen in this type of setup?


Todd Mortensen 

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