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Re: move away <file>, it is in the way

From: Nils Holland
Subject: Re: move away <file>, it is in the way
Date: Wed, 23 May 2001 09:48:09 +0200

On Tuesday 22 May 2001 22:24, Mike Castle wrote:

> Now, if one of those lines was missing or corrupted some how, then cvs
> would think that you didn't download the file from cvs but generated it
> yourself, and it doesn't want to overwrite it.
> Somehow, most likely, your CVS/Entries file got corrupted.

Thanks for this explanation! I still don't know what initially caused my 
problems, since I didn't do any changed to the CVS/Enrties file. Probably 
there was a problem here that I did not recognize, but, well, could it be 
that the problem was as follows:

Imagine the following example:

I have the following directory:


In that directory, I do "cvs co koffice", so I get


When being under the /kde-cvs directory and doing a "cvs upd koffice", I got 
the problem, HOWEVER, when being *in* /kde-cvs/koffice and running "cvs upd" 
it worked.

So, can it be possible, that while bing in /kde-cvs and running "cvs upd 
koffice", cvs somehow doesn't find the kde-cvs/koffice/CVS/Entries file, and 
so it things that all the files in the source repository are new, however, 
files with the same name already exist on my system and cvs doesn't know 
where they came from, so they are regarded as being in the way?

This would suggest that I would need a /kde-cvs/CVS/Enrties file that 
contains information about all the subdirectories under /kde-cvs...

Any comments on this?


Nils Holland - address@hidden
NightCastle Productions - Linux in Tiddische, Germany
"They asked me where this earthquake would begin,
 I offered to let them feel my pulse."

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