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RE: Undo a branch

From: Jerry Nairn
Subject: RE: Undo a branch
Date: Fri, 4 May 2001 11:01:54 -0700

>From: Stephen Rasku [mailto:address@hidden
>Sent: Friday, May 04, 2001 8:30 AM

>What is the result that he wants after undoing a branch?  If he 
>wants to continue as if he never created the branch, he can just 
>abandon the branch and continue development on the parent branch 
>as if nothing has happened; he doesn't need to "undo" anything.

The desired result is that the branch name and the branch point tag name can
be used for a branch beginning at a different revision. It would be nice to
avoid having any "orphaned" revisions, revisions which are neither on the
trunk nor on any named branch.
One thing I was concerned about specifically was what happens when 'admin
-o' is used to remove the first revision number on a branch, when no changes
have been committed. I now see that 'admin -o' reports that there is no such
revision number. That revision number only exists on the line in the
"symbols" section of the header in the rcs file. When you delete the tag it
is gone.
Sorry I asked. This will be fine as it is.

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