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Understanding Branches and Releases

From: Scott Johnson
Subject: Understanding Branches and Releases
Date: Thu, 03 May 2001 21:03:46 -0000

Hi all,
I am a new user to CVS and I have couple of questions for you guys. Right now I am in great need of understanding how the branches and the releases work together. First of all, are branches called revisions? How do we create a do they interact with the releases and the significance of a tag included in a branch. Could you please include a diagram in showing the relationship of a branches and releases.

Please help me figure out through this example.

1)Initially I have release 1.0 with the following corresponding files.

release 1.0
file 1.0
file 2.0
file 3.0
file 4.0
file 5.0
file 6.0

2) Later down the road i want to create a new release 1.1 with the following asterisk files included in it. Do i just create a new branch first and then I create a new release? If i create release 1.1 will I need to incorporate these changes in version 1.0? How would a graphic picture look like under this circumstance?

release 1.0        To be created
* file 1.0
file 2.0           * file 2.1
* file 3.0
* file 4.0
file 5.0
file 6.0           * file 6.1

My sincere apologies for sounding dumb. Please help me out.


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