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Re: Undo a branch

From: David Fuller
Subject: Re: Undo a branch
Date: Fri, 04 May 2001 12:03:50 -0400

See the CVS manual on Tagging.

Example from the manual of deleting tag "rel-0-4" from file "tc":
cvs rtag -d rel-0-4 tc

-- David F.

Jerry Nairn wrote:
> Hi,
> A colleague is writing a branch creation script which will make a branch
> point tag name and a branch name based on the purpose of the branch
> following a set of conventions, tag the branch point, and create the branch.
> It all looks pretty good, but he asked me today about the best way to "undo"
> a branch if the user decides he made a mistake. My answer was that this
> shouldn't be something you do so carelessly that you would frequently want
> to undo it, but that answer didn't satisfy him.
> So my question is (are) what is the best way to undo a branch in an
> automated way? What are the issues to look out for?
> And actually, one of the things we discussed was the possibility of moving
> the branch rather than removing it, if the branch point was on the wrong
> revision.
> So commands which might be used are:
> cvs tag -d ...
> cvs admin -o ...
> cvs tag -F -b ...
> cvs admin -Nnewname:oldname ...
> We hope that this will only need to be done in situations where no new
> revisions have been checked in on a branch, but any ideas about how to deal
> with problems arising from such revisions are welcome.
> Any ideas or advice will be greatly appreciated.
> Thanks,
> Jerry
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