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Re: Remove CVS lock error

From: Fran Fabrizio
Subject: Re: Remove CVS lock error
Date: Mon, 16 Apr 2001 12:02:43 -0400

> Howard Zhou writes:
> >
> > It's cvs 1.11 running on Linux and NetBSD build systems. The repository is
> > on a netapp server NFS shared.

Please, remove NFS from your CVS setup ASAP.  I was doing NFS between a 
repository and a linux working directory, and many, many files got corrupted
(strings of null characters, line breaks added or subtracted, etc...)

I switched over to the pserver method and the problems have disappeared.  
is very easy to set up and more importantly, will preserve the health of your
files.  NFS, especially across platforms, is a recipe for disaster.


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