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Re: CVS bashing?

From: Mike Castle
Subject: Re: CVS bashing?
Date: Fri, 13 Apr 2001 10:41:31 -0700
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On Thu, Apr 12, 2001 at 08:34:33AM -1000, Joseph Dane wrote:
> >>>>> "Mike" == Mike Castle <address@hidden> writes:
>  Mike> As I said in an earlier post, this can be scripted around.
> can you give me an idea as to what such a script might look like?
> wouldn't there have to be some sort of 'database' which kept track of
> when/where the prior merges happened?

The database would be cvs tags.

Rather than actual code, this is what I used to do manually.  (Mostly
because I was doing all of the work under NT and wasn't using Cygwin and
wasn't up to speed on the batch language improvements, so I never scripted
it before).

Lets say we have one branch, ver_2_0, and the main line.

I made a series of bug fixes to ver_2_0 and now I want to merge those onto
the main line.

(Be forwarned, I've actually not used cvs in a while, now working in a
perforce shop, so if I screw up syntax somewhere, please forgive me.  But
also please post corrections!  Also, may not be the most effecient way.)

:: First, to the branch.  Just in case any other sticky tags, get rid of them
cvs up -A     
cvs up -r ver_2_0
:: Look for any previous merges (maybe no cygwin, but Borland has grep ;-):
cvs tags | grep merge_ver_2_0_to_main
:: None, so start at 1
cvs tag merge_ver_2_0_to_main_1
:: Move to main branch
cvs up -A
:: do the merge
cvs up -j bp_merge_ver_2_0 -j merge_ver_2_0_to_main_1
:: do any conflict resolution and so forth
cvs commit -m "merged ver_2_0 from branch point to merge_ver_2_0_to_main_1"

So now we do some more fixups on the ver_2_0 branch and we go through the
process again:

cvs up -A
cvs up -r ver_2_0
cvs tags | grep merge_ver_2_0_to_main
:: output is:
:: so now we know we're at 2
cvs tag merge_ver_2_0_to_main_2
cvs up -A
cvs up -j merge_ver_2_0_to_main_1 -j merge_ver_2_0_to_main_2
cvs commit -m "merged ver_2_0 from merge_ver_2_0_to_main_1 to 

Some things that could simplify this:

If no output from the grep, then just tag the branch point with
merge_ver_2_0_to_main_0 and then you can clean up the process a bit and
everythign with be in the form of _main_x to _main_{x+1}.

If anyone makes changes to the branch that should not be migrated over, one
could manually move the last checkpoint branch up past that change so it
doesn't move over next time.

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  address@hidden  and be right all the time, or not work at all and be right at least twice a day.  -- mrc
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