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RE: CVS bashing?

From: Jerry Nairn
Subject: RE: CVS bashing?
Date: Wed, 11 Apr 2001 15:38:31 -0700

>From: Mike Castle [mailto:address@hidden
>Sent: Wednesday, April 11, 2001 2:27 PM

>I've recently started working at a perforce shop.  One thing 
>that perforce

I worked with perforce for a while, and there are a couple of other things I
miss, besides the merge options.
o Atomic changes. It's like every commit is a tag of its own. If you check
in two files at once, where the modifications in one will cause an error
without the modifications in the other, those modifications are forever
associated with each other.
A "commit", or in perforce terminology a change, has associated with it all
of the modifications to all of the files in the commit, a time stamp, and a
comment. In cvs, these things go into individual files, but they aren't tied
together anywhere. It's very useful to be able to say, "Give me this project
as it was when change 999 was checked in."
o Mapping any file in the repository to any location in your workspace, with
wildcard matching. Yeah, you can shoot yourself in the foot with this.
o More things you can do with merging. In cvs, you can merge in changes
you've made in your workspace, or you can merge changes from branches of the
same code line. In Perforce, you can merge seemingly unrelated files. (Say
you make a change to one Makefile, and you'd like to make the same change in
another Makefile in a different directory.) 
One way to "rename" a file is to "merge" or "integrate" it to a different
file name which didn't exist before.
o Perforce remembers merges.
Seems like there was something else, but it slipped my mind while I was
Anyway, it's pretty cool. Not to say that cvs isn't cool in its own way.

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