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RE: CVS bashing?

From: Patrick Lynch
Subject: RE: CVS bashing?
Date: Thu, 12 Apr 2001 07:43:06 -0400

Good morning,

Hi, I'm a long time independent contractor and a 'newbie' to WinCvs and CVS.

I've used many version control systems including SCCS, PVCS, Source Safe and
a variety of Customer created systems. My last Customer, at the insistance
of their Development Staff, replaced Source Safe with CVS.

At a previous Customer site, I was charged with getting PVCS operational,
since 6 months of develoment work by 20 programmers was lost due to the non
use of any version control system. This proved to be a substantial effort
requiring extensive planning and coordination and I had to work under the
direction of a corporate PVCS Administrator.

My experience with CVS and WinCvs has been very favorable. I was able to get
both CVS and WinCvs up and running, after reading the Cederqvist Manual and
'Open Source Development with CVS' by Karl Fogel and the 'WinCvs 1.1 Users
Guide' by Don Harper.

We will use WinCvs, since we will use it to archive not only C++ and Java
source but also Testing Documents and Results and Marketing Requirements and
System Requirments documents. Consequently, in addition to Developers,
Managers and Marketers will also use the system...

We will be using WinCvs with pserver and this allows us to install WinCvs on
a local Wintel PC (where the various working directories will be kept) and
the CVS Repository on a File Server...


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Subject: RE: CVS bashing?

There are obviously some areas where CVS can be improved - no doubt.
But if you compare it to some other commercial SCM system that I'm
familiar with, e.g. ENVY that comes with IBM's Visual Age for Java or
PVCS, it is much, much superior. If ClearCase were free I'm pretty sure
that I would choose it over CVS, but it's anything buy free. The
Subversion project is interesting, but they will no doubt barrow a lot
from CVS, if not code, then at least design and functionality. The
bottom line is that you can do a lot, lot worse than CVS, even if you
choose a commercial tool. My two cents...


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> From: gary.heuston [mailto:address@hidden
> Sent: Wednesday, April 11, 2001 1:04 PM
> To: info-cvs
> Subject: CVS bashing?
> Someone brought up a site on another mailing list about CVS and its
> limitations and was citing this as a reason to not use
> CVS...what do you
> all think about this?  Some of this stuff I have personally witmessed
> (i.e. large binary file problem, no directory versioning)  but I'm
> curious as to others opinions...
> Gary
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