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[OT] bug tracking systems

From: schmolle
Subject: [OT] bug tracking systems
Date: Tue, 27 Feb 2001 22:42:59 +0000

Hi list,

>[Robert Pollak] 'bug tracking system that provides some of bugzilla's 
>functionality' __ What I like most about bugzilla is the ability to attach 
>files (patches, test examples, log files) to a bug entry.

A tip I would like to share:

At my company, we use Rational ClearQuest for one of our clients (avoid the 
tool; you can hire a whole developer for a year for what it costs) and we had 
an issue with a client logging bugs that would -- for good measure -- have to 
include log files. The problem was that those files can easily balloon into 
150MB / day.

Also, there might be multiple bugs that would each require said logs for 
reference and diagnosis. At 150MB a pop, it makes sense to not duplicate them.

We decided on an the solution that the client would post the logs daily to a 
shared FTP server, where they can be referenced from within ClearQuest. (by 
name / number, nothing fancy).


The last thing I heard from the GNAT-annouce list is that it's maintainers are 
not maintaining it anymore. Unless that has changed, the project is as good as 



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