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[info-cvs] cvs rtag -a

From: Nathan Herring
Subject: [info-cvs] cvs rtag -a
Date: Tue, 27 Feb 2001 14:51:24 -0800

I'm using RedHat 7 linux (cvs 1.10.8).

I have found that cvs rtag -a does not actually do what it says it does.

We create a static build tag every day when we build, say "Build0314", which
points to the source at 12:30pm. We then do our builds, fix any errors,
commit any changed files, and move the build tag. When we're done, we create
a "Checkpoint" tag based on the build tag. We use:

cvs rt -a -F -r Build0314 Checkpoint module

What can happen is the following:
1) File foo.c exists in Build0314.
2) File foo.c gets the Checkpoint tag later in the day when Build0314 has
been verified.
3) File foo.c is removed from the project.
4) File foo.c does not receive the Build0315 tag, since it's been marked as
5) However, when we create the Checkpoint tag again, file foo.c keeps the
tag from yesterday and it is not cleared out, despite the fact that it
doesn't have the Build0315 tag. Thus when the developer checks out to the
Checkpoint, he retrieves deleted files that should not be there (and
sometimes break the builds for them).

We're working around it by removing the Checkpoint tag first, and then
setting the Checkpoint tag. However, it seems that the command is simply not
doing what is advertised.

Has anyone else seen this problem? Has it been fixed?


Nathan Herring
Software Design Engineer in Development
Mac Office (
(425) 703-3720, fax (425) 936-7329

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