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questions on cvs locking

From: Yuhe Liu
Subject: questions on cvs locking
Date: Thu, 15 Feb 2001 18:54:02 -0500


We are using CVS for CM. It came with a problem that multiple developers
were updating
a same file. Although cvs provides lock/unlock commands, it seems not

The command cvs admin -l/-u only allows those users in cvsadmin group to
execute. But
e can not let every developer be in this group

I tried to play with the administrative files since the
commands/programs execute there
belong to the cvs repository owner who is in the cvsadmin group. I put
the unlock in loginfo
because commands specified in this file run after commit. However, there
seems no files
for pre- or post-edit commands to lock the files for editing. File
modules may be used to
define the checkout options for modules. But we don't want to lock the
entire module for
a developer to edit a few files in the module. That would prevents other
working on other files in the same module.

Is there any solution?


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