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Re: questions on cvs locking

From: Yuhe Liu
Subject: Re: questions on cvs locking
Date: Fri, 16 Feb 2001 10:13:39 -0500
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I understand that's the way CVS was designed for multiple
developers. However for some reasons, we want to have the
reserved checkout on the files been updated. The file types
we have include text code, word documents, executable binaries,
package libraries, etc.. Most problems came from the word
documents and libraries. The cvs edit command does not lock
the files. It does only send a notifying message to those
who set a watch on the files. However, many developers do
not check their mail boxes often enough to catch the message.
If there were multiple messages on the same files, that would
be very confusing.

Anyway, is there a way that we can set up an automated lock on
the files using command `cvs edit`?


Mike Castle wrote:

On Thu, Feb 15, 2001 at 06:54:02PM -0500, Yuhe Liu wrote:

We are using CVS for CM. It came with a problem that multiple developers
were updating
a same file. Although cvs provides lock/unlock commands, it seems not

Well, CVS was designed to explicitly allow multiple developers to update
the same file.  So it is not a problem, it was a design goal.

The idea is to let multiple developers update the same file, then merge
their respective changes together.

Obviously some file types don't work well for this, but text based stuff
does.  And cvs edit and company should be used for those files.

What exact problems are you having?


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