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Re: questions on cvs locking

From: Noel L Yap
Subject: Re: questions on cvs locking
Date: Fri, 16 Feb 2001 11:29:48 -0500

address@hidden on 2001.02.16 10:13:39
>I understand that's the way CVS was designed for multiple
>developers. However for some reasons, we want to have the
>reserved checkout on the files been updated. The file types
>we have include text code, word documents, executable binaries,
>package libraries, etc.. Most problems came from the word
>documents and libraries. The cvs edit command does not lock
>the files. It does only send a notifying message to those
>who set a watch on the files. However, many developers do
>not check their mail boxes often enough to catch the message.
>If there were multiple messages on the same files, that would
>be very confusing.
>Anyway, is there a way that we can set up an automated lock on
>the files using command `cvs edit`?

I've been holding off on advertising these patches since they're based off of
cvs-1.10.8, but I think now it may be worth it for you to take a look at.
Patches are available at under project RCVS that will add the
following options:
   cvs edit -c will abort edits if other edits exist
   cvs edit -f will force the edit
   cvs ci -c will abort checkins if the user doesn't have a valid edit

Note that these patches are incremental (meaning that you'll have to start from
the beginning and install all the patches up to and including the last one you
want).  I haven't had time to clean up this mess, but I think I may have a
recommended strategy for those willing to volunteer:
   import cvs-1.10.8 (or possibly cvs-1.10.7)
   for each new feature or bug fix
     create a branch
     checkout the branch
     install all patches up to the last one for that feature or bug fix
     starting from the last patch installed
        if patch doesn't belong to that feature or bug fix, perform subtractive
     checkin to the branch
   import cvs-1.11
   create new patch files

Hope this helps,

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