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Branch and Add file problem

From: gbr
Subject: Branch and Add file problem
Date: Mon, 12 Feb 2001 17:52:15 -0000
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I just branched my source tree.  In my branch, I removed all of the
perl files, and then added and commited all the the new C++ files.

The source tree is something like this.

top level
  |-> my source
         |-> sub dir 1
         |-> sub dir 2

- the directory where I deleted the files is 'my source'
- the sub dirs are new with the C code adds and commits.

When someone does an update of 'my source', all of the perl stuff is
properly removed, and all of the C++ source files in 'my source' are
properly added.

The 'sub dir x' directories are all created, but the are no files in
them (there should be).  CVS does not even create a CVS dir inside
'sub dir x'.

Each of the sub dirs are guaranteed to have files in them.

So, I looked in the repository.  CVS placed all of the news C++ files
in the attic (not that I really care, since CVS should handle that).

In CVS/my source/attic are all of the 'my source' dir files.
In CVS/my source/sub dir 1/attic are all of the 'sub dir' files.

CVS apparantly knows about these files, but cannot check them out.

Any help is appreciated.

Using WinCVS 1.1b17 as interface, running CVS 1.11 on Linux server.


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