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CVS log analyser

From: Luciano Baretta Mandryk
Subject: CVS log analyser
Date: Mon, 12 Feb 2001 13:12:23 -0200 (EST)

Hi all,

As I said a couple of weeks before, I started coding a CVS log analyser that
should be able to create a visual representation of a CVS project. For those who
got interested in it, version 0.1 is now avaliable at sourceforge:

It's far away from reaching its objectives, but somebody may find it useful. All
it does by now is parse the CVS log, create a graph for every file and then dump
each graph to stdout, "ASCII-artly" :-) The output only shows file names and
branches, _without_ tag/branch names by now. (Actually I just released it
because some people told me they wanted to try it the way it is) :-)
Btw, it's quite stable! I just parsed a 27Mb log file (from linuxconf).

The current output looks like this:

----------[ modules/wineconf/ ]----------
1.1 ---> 1.2 ---> 1.3
 `--> --->
  \   \
   \   `-->
     `--> ---> --->
       `--> --->

Sure, there's a lot to improve, and I will as soon as I have time to do it.
(And please, do not associate this stuff with my employer's name, because I'm
doing it by myself. So, if it doesn't work, blame me, not Conectiva) :-)

Best regards, 

        Luciano Baretta Mandryk
        Conectiva, Inc.

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