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Re: ת·¢: a question

From: Baraa Al-Dabagh
Subject: Re: ת·¢: a question
Date: Mon, 12 Feb 2001 09:33:30 -0800

There are 2 commands in wincvs:

- Add files
- Add binary files

Wincvs will warn you if you are trying to submit a binary file
as text or visa versa. In your case you should make sure that
the file is text and use the "Add files..." command under
"CVS files" menu.

Hope this helps.


> Liying Shen wrote:
> hi,
>      I am cvs user. i am using WinCvs vertion 1.0.6.
>      I  met some problems now , i hope you would help me.
>            1.    I added a file by cvs and the file's status is
> file,but after commiting it the file's status  became binary.
>                   How to solve this.
>            2.    I want to add a file as text mode but when i chose
> "add files" , sometimes the file's status in CVS become binary.
>                   How  to force a file as text mode to add to the CVS.
>      Thank you very much.
>                                                                 a cvs
> user.

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