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RE: Setting up remote access

From: Furmaniuk, Michael
Subject: RE: Setting up remote access
Date: Wed, 17 Jan 2001 15:45:42 -0500

  I've got the 1.11 version on my test server, just want to make sure it
builds without problems before trying it out on the real server.  I've come
up against a problem during make however.  I am getting a message it cannot
find a file called "crypto" which it thinks should be in
/usr/local/include/gssapi/ (I also see references to a /gssapi/include) are
there files I need to have in gssapi to finish the make if I want to set
this up as a client/server?

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Subject: Re: Setting up remote access

Furmaniuk, Michael writes:
>   In order to make sure that I have a proper build of CVS, I am going to
> re-build the CVS binary version 1.10 (it is the current one we are using)

I strongly suggest upgrading to the current release (1.11), which you
can get from, instead -- it has a number of bug fixes
and should build on Solaris without any special options or flags without
any trouble.

-Larry Jones

Pitiful.  Just pitiful. -- Calvin

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