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RE: cvs pserver under OS/2 Warp 4

From: Bishop, Murray
Subject: RE: cvs pserver under OS/2 Warp 4
Date: Thu, 18 Jan 2001 08:14:50 +1100

> From: Soren Ager [SMTP:address@hidden
> I am trying to get cvs (v1.9.29) pserver up and running under OS/2 Warp.
> Is there anybody out there that has this up and running?
I've been using the :pserver: from Andreas Hubers port
of CVS 1.10 on Warp Connect 3.0 for a couple of years now.

You can find it (includes setup instructions) on by searching for cvs under /pub/os2 - 
which also turned up a couple of other ports - 
CVS 1.10.6 (client+server) and 1.10.7 (client).

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