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cvs editors bug? renegade cvs or 1.11?

From: olarsac
Subject: cvs editors bug? renegade cvs or 1.11?
Date: Mon, 15 Jan 2001 08:45:55 +0100

I'm in charge of (some sort of) CVS support for a team of coders.
They report some strange behaviors regarding cvs edit/unedit.
(the list of editors is not in sync with reality)
I'm watching this ML for some times and never noticed anything on this topic
(edit bug)
I assumed that the problem was not due to cvs but to ... errr... users ;)
But today I checked for the renegade CVS on source forge and found a lot of
patches like:
- cvs edit fixed to save correct working directory
- "cvs edit" fixed so wd are purely absolute
- various "cvs edit" & "cvs unedit" bugs fixed
- ...
I'm running the 1.11 server (the problems were also reported for 1.10.8)
What must I conclude?
The rcvs bug fixes are related to code specific to rcvs branch?
Or do they also apply to pure cvs ? And is the 1.11 already patched?

Thanx for any hint on this topic


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