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Re: cvs editors bug? renegade cvs or 1.11?

From: olarsac
Subject: Re: cvs editors bug? renegade cvs or 1.11?
Date: Mon, 22 Jan 2001 13:41:49 +0100

I'm ready to help you (if need be) on this topic.
In fact I tried (last night) to do something like the patches you are talking
But I must have fumbled somewhere...
The rcvs sources I got from the repo at source forge and the 'regular' 1.10.8
are almost identical
(only found minor diffs on void*, usage string, or include headers)
Guess I have to investigate further.
But if you think of a better way to use my spare time...
I'm ready to 'donate' some efforts on this. (test case?)


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