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Re: Connecting to a CVS-server on port *2402*

From: Derek Scherger
Subject: Re: Connecting to a CVS-server on port *2402*
Date: Wed, 10 Jan 2001 18:49:05 -0700

"Torben B. Christensen" wrote:
> Hi there!
> All the manuals seems to assume that port 2401 is always used for a
> pserver connection. Well, not on our AIX-box...
> So, how do I connect to an alternate port? I know from our WinCvs
> clients that it can be done, but how do I persuade the standard UNIX-
> client? My best guess would be changing the CVSROOT - just can't
> figure out how...
> /Torben B. Christensen
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> address@hidden

There's a patch floating around that allows you to export
CVS_CLIENT_PORT=2402 before running the client that I've used with some
success. I've attached the copy I've used which works against CVS
1.10.x. If I remember right this is from Derek Price at Open Ave.

Derek Scherger                         Echologic Software Corporation
--- src/client.c 2000/06/16 20:22:54
+++ src/client.c 2000/07/27 17:05:56
@@ -3657,9 +3657,12 @@
 static int
 auth_server_port_number ()
-    struct servent *s = getservbyname ("cvspserver", "tcp");
+    struct servent *s;
+    char *port_s;

-    if (s)
+    if(port_s = getenv ("CVS_CLIENT_PORT"))
+ return (atoi(port_s));
+    else if (s = getservbyname ("cvspserver", "tcp"))
  return ntohs (s->s_port);
  return CVS_AUTH_PORT;

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