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Re: Does pre-commit script with a remote server?

From: Howard Zhou
Subject: Re: Does pre-commit script with a remote server?
Date: Wed, 10 Jan 2001 23:47:18 -0800

The issue with this problem is that commitinfo and editinfo scripts are not
executed until you finish editing cvs log interactively. That's probably
because :ext: method uses rsh.

Now if I use :pserver: method, I still have the same problem. Is :pserver:
using rsh too?


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From: "Howard Zhou" <address@hidden>
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Sent: Wednesday, January 03, 2001 12:09 AM
Subject: Does pre-commit script with a remote server?

> I am trying to write a pre-commit script to insert a change id to cvs log.
> The commitlog generates the change id while editlog inserts the change it
> a temporary template file in /tmp dir. They all work fine if $CVSROOT is
> local to a client machine. However, if I set $CVSROOT to
> :ext:<host>:/cvsroot, the commitinfo and editinfo don't work in the order
> expected. It seems to be that all interactive command such as <stdin>
> commands are ignored. The commitinfo was not executed prior to editting
> log as it's supposed to be. Is there any way around this problem? BTW, the
> commitinfo script writes the change id info to a file and editinfo uses
> file to transfer the change id info to the /tmp template file.
> I really appreciate if you can shed some light on this issue. Thanks.
> Howard
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