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Does pre-commit script with a remote server?

From: Howard Zhou
Subject: Does pre-commit script with a remote server?
Date: Wed, 3 Jan 2001 00:09:46 -0800

I am trying to write a pre-commit script to insert a change id to cvs log.
The commitlog generates the change id while editlog inserts the change it to
a temporary template file in /tmp dir. They all work fine if $CVSROOT is
local to a client machine. However, if I set $CVSROOT to
:ext:<host>:/cvsroot, the commitinfo and editinfo don't work in the order
expected. It seems to be that all interactive command such as <stdin>
commands are ignored. The commitinfo was not executed prior to editting CVS
log as it's supposed to be. Is there any way around this problem? BTW, the
commitinfo script writes the change id info to a file and editinfo uses this
file to transfer the change id info to the /tmp template file.

I really appreciate if you can shed some light on this issue. Thanks.


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