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problem with importing vendor sources

From: ben bodley
Subject: problem with importing vendor sources
Date: Tue, 24 Oct 2000 17:44:36 +1300

hello  all,

i have browsed the web, and FAQ and also "Open Source Development with CVS"
for help on an issue regarding the importing of vendor code into our source
tree, to no avail..

we modify the linux kernel, and keep a CVS repository of the current kernel
we are working on (lately v2.4.0-test5).. we add and modify files in the

today i tried to import test6 (with the intent of importing test7, 8, and 9
in the future) while keeping all our local changes.. basically i:

 - updated, and commited any late changes to the repos.
 - ran 'cvs tag pre_test6_import' (someone said to do this in case of
complete disaster which is what has happened)
 - did a new vendor import of the test6 kernel, kindof like 'cvs import -I
! -m "import of linux kernel v2.4.0.test6" kernel_org v2_4_0_test6 linux'
 - this had a few problems, and said to merge with a -jyesterday like
command.. what i did was:
 - ran 'cvs co -j pre_test6_import -j v2_4_0_test6 linux'
 - shit!!!! had all these messages saying it was scheduling removal of all
the files i added to the kernel, here pure logic stepped in and i panic'd..
ctrl-c later.. 
 - i didn't stop here (i should of) i thought i could do it properly, and i
tried this - 'cvs co -j v2_4_0_test5 -j v2_4_0_test6 linux'
 - seemed to work, i fixed all the conflicts, and recommited.. 
 - hmmmm.. maybe i fixed it i thought... nup... after checking the
repository i found that yes, it merged the test6 changes, but ignored all
my changes to any files modified in the test6 import..

i now have a completely useless cvs repository.. hooray.. 

okay, well basically my cvs is royally screwed, and all i have is a cvs tag
to fix it with.. however i have being trying to decrypt man pages and being
a complete cvs newbie have had most information fly over my head, so i cant
even get rid of all the changes from the import, i can check out to a local
directory based on the tag, but then how do i say that the tag is where
HEAD should be??

if anyone can help me here, they would be doing great honour to my sanity..

cheers for any insights :),


/\\------------------------------------------------------------- -- -

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