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Commitinfo question

From: Ryan Hennig
Subject: Commitinfo question
Date: Mon, 23 Oct 2000 18:56:37 -0700


I am currently setting up an automated build and testing system that rides
on top of CVS, using the commitinfo file to run compilations and tests on
each commit.  I was just wondering if anyone on this list who has done this
type of thing could share some wisdom with me.

I am particularly interested in the following:
- What kind of problems did you run into early on?
- How was your system designed (generally)?
- Did you run compilations and/or tests on the same box as the CVS server,
or did you send the files off to another box (this is what I am trying to
- Is there a better way to do this besides using commitinfo?

Any other input would be GREATLY appreciated.


Ryan Hennig

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