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Re: login failure on WindowsNT

From: Derek R. Price
Subject: Re: login failure on WindowsNT
Date: Thu, 12 Oct 2000 14:14:21 -0400

Larry Jones wrote:

> Have you looked at the various proposed patches and related commentary
> at under "Change pserver
> port"?  To add my $.02 to what Jim K. has written there, using an
> environment variable to specify the port is bletcherous -- the port

I think you're right here, but the variable was already being supported for
GSSAPI.  It looked rather harmless to expand the functionality to include 
pserver &
should help prevent a few FAQs.

> number is a characteristic of the server and thus belongs in CVSROOT.
> As discussed on the above-mentioned page, however, there's no concensus
> as to an exact syntax.
> The idea of using something URLish is quite attractive -- perhaps
> something along the lines of:
>         pserver://address@hidden:port/cvsroot

My only problem here is declaring the method.  I suppose we could overload 
using cvs-pserver, cvs-kserver, cvs-gserver, cvs-rsh, (extend to cvs-ssh?  this
brings up issues) and perhaps this is the best short-term solution, but looking
ahead I want to say that all valid URLs should start with "cvs://" and deciding
what connection method and what authentication method to use should be part of 
following URL.


Then a browser could know that all cvs:// URLs go to a CVS client and not worry
further about syntax.  Ideally, whether to use pserver authentication, Kerberos,
GSSAPI, or some other authentication method should be defined as part of the
standard CVS protocol and not be part of the URL at all as the majority of the
protocol is the same and the various bits only specify authentication methods.
Back to:


regardless of connection and authentication methods.  Unfortunately, I'm unsure
that RSH and SSH can be easily specified as connection methods in this manner.

> The only tricky part is distinguishing the new syntax from the old
> syntax to maintain upward compatibility.

The docs you pointed me at mention scanning for '//'.  It isn't exactly illegal 
the old syntax, but it might suffice.  "^method://" should actually be pretty

> If we want to continue with the existing syntax, then I'd suggest:
>         :pserver:address@hidden:port/cvsroot
> rather than any of the other schemes that have been proposed.

I do want this functionality immediately, so I will change my host/port syntax 
this syntax.  I like it better.

I have more to say, I think, but I have to run for an hour, so I'm sending this 
to see if it can gather any more comments regarding the URL syntax.


Derek Price                      CVS Solutions Architect ( )
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