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Re: login failure on WindowsNT

From: Pradeep Picardo
Subject: Re: login failure on WindowsNT
Date: Thu, 12 Oct 2000 10:06:58 +0530 (India Standard Time)

        Terribly sorry about that.
The version of cvs we are using on unix here has been hacked.
I found out about that only last night.
I have rebuilt cvs on windows to pick up the port number from the
environment the way our unix version does.
Should I pass on the code so it can be incorporated into the main
distribution ? (Because it does seem like a needless omission to me.)

On Wed, 11 Oct 2000, Derek R. Price wrote:

> Pradeep Picardo wrote:
> > I have (correctly I believe) set the environment variables CVSROOT and
> > CVS_CLIENT_PORT on my Windows machine.
> CVS_CLIENT_PORT only works with a hacked version of CVS.  Are you sure you
> have one?  I can put up the patch if you want it.
> Derek
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