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RE: CVS permissions

From: Anthony E. Glover
Subject: RE: CVS permissions
Date: Tue, 10 Oct 2000 07:56:04 -0500

Can you add another system login for user 3?  If so, then
put olle and kalle in separate groups, and then put the
new login for user 3 in both groups.  Permissions on the
CVS directories will need to be set appropriately for group
access.  I can forward more information along to you on
this if needed.  At this point your passwd file would
just have another entry for user3 and his/her new system


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Subject: CVS permissions

Hi all,

I have a CVS root and for some direcories.
For an example, I have directory olle and kalle.
olle is own by system user olle and kalle is own by system user
I have three developers that need access so they can check in
code in these directories. But they are only cvs users, not system
users. So in the /CVSROOT/passwd file I add user1, user2, user3 like


But I want user3 to be able to check in and out code in both
olle and kalle. How will user3's line be in passwd ?
Is it possible to do that or?

Please HELP!!!


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