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Re: I want recursion, just not into other modules: possible?

From: Kevin Layer
Subject: Re: I want recursion, just not into other modules: possible?
Date: Sun, 08 Oct 2000 18:25:56 -0700

Thanks for the explanation.

Perhaps you can help me with a cvs dilema, then, related to my

My product is composed of some 20+ modules checked out in a hierarchy.
Often, I'm working on a release branch, for all the modules except one
or two.  Here's what it looks like:


where main is the main module (which contains a src sub-directory),
which happens to be on a branch other than the module* modules.

When I want to update `main' onto yet another branch, I do this:

cd main
cvs update -d -r branch_foo

which of course descends into `main' and all the module* modules.
Because there is not a branch_foo tag in the module* modules, it
removes all the files in those modules.  Then, I have to go into them
(I have a script that does it) and "cvs update -d -r <original tag>".

This entire process takes 30 minutes, whereas it would take minutes if
I didn't have to do the last step.

Either I'm using cvs wrong, which I would argue I'm not, or cvs is
lacking a feature that will allow me to use it more effectively.

>> Kevin Layer writes:
>> > 
>> > I personally have never observed a CVS/Repository file with anything
>> > other than the name of the module in it.  Can you tell me how this
>> > would not be the case?
>> In CVSROOT/modules:
>>      # Add other modules here...
>>      abc     foo
>>      xyz     foo2
>>      xyzzy   &abc &xyz
>> Then checkout the xyzzy module:
>>      bash-2.02$ cvs co xyzzy
>>      cvs checkout: Updating abc
>>      U abc/foo1
>>      cvs checkout: Updating xyz
>>      U xyz/bar1
>> Although it isn't obvious from the above output, it creates a working
>> directory named ``xyzzy'' (which contains abc and xyz):
>>      bash-2.02$ cat xyzzy/CVS/Repository
>>      CVSROOT/Emptydir
>>      bash-2.02$ cat xyzzy/abc/CVS/Repository
>>      foo
>>      bash-2.02$ cat xyzzy/xyz/CVS/Repository
>>      foo2
>> As you can see, *none* of the CVS/Repository files say anything about
>> xyzzy, which is the module that I checked out.  Likewise, none of them
>> say anything about abc or xyz, which are the submodules that xyzzy
>> contains.
>> -Larry Jones
>> I sure wish I could get my hands on some REAL dynamite. -- Calvin

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