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Modify the CVS working directory

From: Guilhem BONNEFILLE
Subject: Modify the CVS working directory
Date: Wed, 04 Oct 2000 18:19:28 +0200


On an existing working directory, I want to change the identity of the
user CVS (
I want to make a working directory, not with a "cvs checkout" command,
but with a "manually" edition of the CVS/Root files in an existing
working directory (the goal is to change only the identity of the
CVS_user in a really big working directory).

For example, the working directory was created by the CVS_user
"cvs_one". So the CVS/Root files contain the value
":pserver:address@hidden:/cvs/repository". The modification is only
replacing the CVS/Root file with

Is this new working directory good enought for a good work after ??
Is this manipulation too dangerous for a "safe" use of CVS ??
Is there others files to update with this change ??

Thanks for all reactions.
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