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Re: CVS Pragma - extensibility for CVS

From: HMahaffey
Subject: Re: CVS Pragma - extensibility for CVS
Date: Sun, 8 Oct 2000 18:28:26 EDT

This is such a GREAT idea!!!  Could it PLEASE become part of the 
mainstream?!?  I was planning to add subcommands to CVS, but dread having to 
change the client, since I have no clue how to rebuild it like I can the 
server side.  With this feature I can just add scripts.  

For example, when someone imports a new module the group ownership is always 
that user's default group defined in /etc/passwd.  In order for the user to 
change the group, he has to call CM to have them "chgrp" the tree.  Wouldn't 
"cvs pragma chgrp me:diffgroup foo" be so much nicer?  Or how about "cvs 
pragma ls -la foo"??  Or even "cvs pragma setfacl -whatever foo"?


:)hal mahaffey

In a message dated 10/6/00 3:58:11 PM Eastern Daylight Time, 
address@hidden writes:

> Hi there,
>   I wrote this a while back but I don't remember whether I submitted
> it. Hopefully the description below is sufficient - even if you don't
> use my implementation you may wish to consider the idea. 
> Regards,
>   Martin.
> From Pragma.c:
> * 
> * Pragma (address@hidden) 10/Dec/1997
> * ================================== ===========
> * 
> * Allows users/administrators to add arbitrary commands under the
> * command. Typically this is used to prototype new cvs commands, but
> * also allows customisation of without recompilation.

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