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Re: Missed testing

From: Jeremiah
Subject: Re: Missed testing
Date: Tue, 12 Mar 2019 10:22:34 +0000

> This depends on your hardware and the modules that the kernel loaded in
> response upon booting.  There is no way to have a static resource as the
> example configuration reflect the modules that can be automatically
> loaded by the kernel on all hardware configurations out there.
Ok, that is fine. Now why isn't there commented out code in the example
with comments saying that?

Still not addressed is why users section stops being defined when one
copy and pastes that example text onto the configuration.

Nor the fact that luks boot with that example configuration never
prompts for the luks password and just goes to a very unhappy place and
drops the user in a guile shell to sort things out and we lack
documentation with how to deal with that case.

Users are going to hit edge cases, when we write them; we really don't
want the users to have to read 100,000+ lines of code to try to
figureout how to deal with them.


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